An Accounting Firm Template,
With 3 Perspectives.
The Grid
The Title
The List
Pages created and ready to use
custom sections & components
CMS Collections Created
Pages created and ready to use
Figma File Is Included
To give you 100% control over the design, together with your Webflow project, you also get the Figma file. After the purchase, simply send us an email to info@margined.co and we will be happy to forward you the Figma file.
Main Pages,
The Title
Case Study Pages,
Case Studies - Full
Case Studies - Grid Only
Case Studies - List Only
Contact Pages,
Contact Version 1
Contact Version 2
Contact Version 3
Other Pages,
Case Study / CMS
Team Page
Team Member
News Page
Article Page
Pricing Page
Careers Page
Utility Pages,
Coming Soon Page
Newsletter Page
Terms & Conditions
Password Page
404 Page
Template Pages,
All Features of Ledger Template,
SEO Optimized
Optimized For Speed
Reusable Components
Reusable Animation
100% Customizable